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Our International Harvester Truck & Scout manuals are printed under license with International Truck & Engine Corporation, and are copyrighted documents. 

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Transtar/Paystar Operator's Manuals;  Built 1968-1980;  For Paystar Models built after 1980, see 1982-2000 Section. Price

1968-73 IH Transtar Series, CO-4070A, COF-4070A, COF-4090A Truck Operator's Manual,  reprint


5050, 5070  IH Paystar Series (prior to 1975) Truck Operator's Manual, NOS


1975 IH CO-Transtar II and Conoco Transtar Series Truck Operator's Manual, reprint

1086943R1   1976 IH 4200/4300 Transtar & 5000 Paystar Truck Operator's Manual, reprint $24.95

1976-77 IH Co-Transtar II, Paystar & Conventional Transtar Truck Operator's Manual, reprint


1977-80 IH Model CO-4070B, 4200, 4300 Transtar Models, and 5370, 5000 Paystar Models Truck Operator's Manual, reprint

Transtar/Paystar Parts Catalogs Price
MT-111   International CO-1950, COF-1950, COT-01950 Series with FD Serial Nos. CO-4010, CO-4050, CO-40700, COF 4010, COF 4050, CO-40700, COT-4010, COT- 4050, COT 40700, with W, WF, G, Y serial Nos. Truck Parts Catalog, 2 volume; Not Yet available NYA
MT-116   International CO-4010, CO-4050, CO4070D, COF-4010,  COF-4050, COF-4070D, COT-4010, COT-4010, COT-4050, COT-4070D With W, WF, G, Y Serial Nos. Truck Parts Catalog (Note: 4010 designates 4000 series with gas engine. 4050 or 4070 designates 4000 series with diesel.) (Original manual) NYA
MT-122   International D-400, DF-400, DC-400, DCF-400 Serial Nos. Y-17500 and up and Transtar CO-4070A, COF-4070A, COF-4090A Truck Parts Catalog;  Not Yet available NYA
MT-128   International CO 4070B, COF 4070B, 4170, F-4170, 4200, 4300 F-4200, F-4300 Conventional Transtar built from February 1981 and later Truck Parts Catalog, 1240  pgs, reprint. $99.95
MT-134   International 5000 Paystar Series Truck Parts Catalog. Not available Not available
MT-138   5000 Paystar Series  Not available NYA
MT-146   International 4200, 4300 F-4200, F-4300 Conventional Transtars built from February 1981 and later, Truck Parts Catalog. Not yet available NYA
Transtar-Paystar Service Manuals
CTS-2301   1965-74 International Heavy Duty R-185 and up, Fleetstar, Models 210-230, M series, Co-Transtar, Conventional Transtar & Unistar  Truck Service Manual Set. (2784 pgs) $167.95
CTS-2309   1975-77 International Fleetstar, Transtar, Paystar Truck Service Manual Set, (3 volumes);  Complete set not available.  We do have Vol 2 and 3 available.  Call for info. N/A
CTS-2314*   1978-80 International Transtar, Paystar Truck Service Manual Set,  3 volume set, reprint (DT-466 engine not included; order CGES-185 listed below for this engine) $149.95
CTS-4202*   1981-82 International 4200/4300 Transtar Series Truck Service Manual, single volume service, NOS $62.95
CTS-4203*   1981-82 IH 5000 Series Paystar, 2 volume service manual,  NOS $89.95
CGES-185-3   International Diesel Engine Service for Engine Models 312, 360, 414, 436, 466, 466B, 466C, (314 pgs) reprint. $44.95
*Caterpillar, Detroit and Cummins Engine Service Manuals are not included.


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