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John Deere 1/16 and 1/64 Scale farm and construction toys can still be found here.

Note: Limited availability on some items.

Children's DVD


Tractor Mac Show DVD, by Billy Steers; A blend of fun stories, original music, education segments and lots of tractors. Read along, or just listen as Billy Steers reads his Tune-Up and Harvest Time books. See the pages come alive with sounds and motion.

Kids will learn about the main parts of a tractor and how a gas-powered engine works. Take a trip to the Red Power Round-Up to see vintage Farmall tractors on parade.

 45 minutes long. List $14.95 SALE


Children's Books


Allie Gator & the Mixed Up Scarecrow (John Deere book) by the Authors of Running Press;  The crows are not afraid of the mixed-up scarecrow on Merriweather Farm, and they are going to eat up all the corn. Help Allie Gator fix the scarecrow so he can do his job. Turn the wheel to find his hand, his leg, his shoe—and his head, too, 10 pgs. List $6.95

$ 5.95


Carry Me Tractors, by Make Believe Ideas.  Ages 0+ years;  Touch and Feel the special pages and find out about the toughest Tractors in the World! Comes with a cutout to carry along. Board Book, 10 pgs. List $7.95 2 left!

$ 6.95


This Little Piggy from Lamaze (Stage 2).  A soft cover book for ages 9 Mo +. List $11.99

$ 9.95

#747619 Casey's Bright Red Christmas, by Holley Dufek.  It’s Christmas time at Happy Skies Farm! Tillus the worm, Big Red, Sammy and the rest of the team are excited to celebrate the season. But Casey the farmer is busy working: feeding animals, repairing fences and planning for the year ahead. With so much to do, Casey wonders if she’ll have time to prepare for the holidays. That’s when Tillus and the team unite to make this Christmas extra special for their busy friend. Recommended for ages 4-8. 32 pgs, List $14.99 $11.95

#747534 Big Tractors, with Casey & Friends, by Holley Dufek.  Narrated by Casey the farmer and Tillus the worm, Big Tractors teaches readers how Big Red and Sammy–the two biggest tractors on the farm–use their powerful muscles to work in the field with the rest of the team. Learn about the science of farming and discover how advanced technology makes Big Red and Sammy special. Recommended for ages 4-8. 32 pgs, List $14.95 $11.95


The IH Tent, by Darrell Darst, features a little boys trip to the fair with Dad, softcover.

$ 3.95

#582264 I Love Horses Activity Book; This fun-packed I Love Horses! Activity Book equips kids with all the instruction and accessories they need for hours of creative, horse-filled fun! Kids can learn to draw their favorite steeds, show off their knowledge of horses with trivia cards, and saddle up to an assortment of horsey items, like door hangers, bookmarks, and stickers. With writing prompts, word searches, horse-inspired crafts, and more, this book is sure to satisfy every young equine lover!  Softcover, 112 pgs, Ages 6 and up. List $9.95 1 left! $ 8.95


The Good Luck Pony by Elizabeth Koda-Callan; It is not easy to be brave. But it helps to have something special, something magical, something lucky to hold onto. The good luck pony is a story of courage for all little girls. This book comes with its own horse charm and necklace. List $12.95  Discontinued 1 LEFT



Horse Games & Puzzles for Kids by Cindy Littlefield.  for ages 4-8.  Contains Word Games, Jokes & Riddles, Picture and Logic Tests for Horse Loving Kids. Paperback, 138 pgs.  Discontinued 1 LEFT

$ 9.95


Woodworking for Kids by Mcguire.  Covers 40 fabulous, fun and useful things to make from wood.  Paperback, 160 pgs. List $14.95  Discontinued


Baby Toys (Birth to 12 months)


John Deere Tractor Ring Rattle,  by Learning Curve.  Beads shake to make rattle noise. Age 3 months+



John Deere Classic Tunes Radio! Age 6 months+  1 left!



Toddler Toys (Ages between 1 and 3 years)

ER-46313 John Deere Barnyard Shape Sorter, over 14 different shapes, carry handle for easy portability, sliding barn door to easy access to shapes; 18 months and up. $16.95

ER-46312 John Deere Kernal Shucks,  a fun stackable character with 17 unique pieces so your child can create their own version. 18 month to 3 years. $17.95

KE-14149 Johnny Tractor Childs' Dinner Set, Divided plate and cup;  Dishwasher Safe $12.95

KE-14217 Tractor Mac Child's Dinner Set, Divided plate and cup; Dishwasher Safe $12.95

ER-37798-TRC Case IH Tiny Tracks, Tiny Red Tractor 2-3/4 x 4" for 18 mo +. $ 6.95

ER-37798 MKC Case IH Tiny Tracks, Mini Kell Combine 2-3/4 x 4" for 18 mo +. $ 6.95

ER-46255C Soft Corey Combine Toy, 3 x 4-1/2";  Ages 18 mo and up. $ 5.95

ER-46255T Soft Corey Combine Toy, 3 x 4-1/2"; Ages 18 mo and up. $ 5.95


John Deere Pop and Go Combine, for ages 1-1/2 Yr+;  Corn pops as you push along!



John Deere "Farmin Fun" Playset , 8 piece set for ages 1-1/2+ 1 left



John Deere Pink Farm Fun Phone, Ages 1-1/2+; Electronic Camera phone with over 20 sounds.  Uses 2 AA batteries, included.



John Deere Tractor Flashlight; from ERTL.  Squeeze handle and hood opens, Light comes and  and makes sounds like tractor starting up!



John Deere Tune-up Workshop with 2 modes of interactive play (Hammer the nails to activate lights and sounds and follow nail lights to hear Old MacDonald!  Over 30 Sounds and Phrases;  3 tools included; For ages 2+



John Deere Tow-N Go Hauler Set; Includes Haulin' Truck, Trailer, Hop & Pop Tractor and Farmer. Please add $2.00 shipping charge.



Busy Driver Toy from John Deere Ignition key, gear shifts and horn make realistic sounds. Age 1 year+



John Deere Pop Along Gator by Learning Curve.  Fun for the little ones!! 1 left!

$ 8.95


 My 1st John Deere Vehicle Hauling Sets;   Luke Loader Set only #ER-37046L.  Each includes a wagon that can be pulled behind the vehicles, as well as accessories that can be placed in the wagon.   Please add $2.00  to shipping charge. Discontinued, 2 left.

$ 8.95


John Deere Rock & Roll Gator by Learning Curve. Part of the Big Red Barn System. Includes tractor, figure, trailer. 1 left



John Deere Thrashing Combine by Learning Curve. Part of the Big Red Barn System. Includes combine, operator, spinning head and rocking grain hopper when rolled. 4 left



John Deere Lift and Load Front Loader by Learning Curve.  Part of the Big Red Barn System; 1 left



Big Red Barn, Apple Orchard, Expansion Set Add $2.00 additional shipping. 1 left



John Deere Talking Tool belt Set. Includes 4 building tools, talking toolbelt, and cap. Age 2 years+ Please add $2.00  to shipping charge.



John Deere Barnyard Friends Camera. Working flash and sounds, rotating color wheel viewfinder. Age 1 1/2  years+


Preschooler Toys (Age 3 years+)


Radio Control Corey Combine: Flexible Antenna with forward or left movement.  Auto shut-off; Ages 3+. 2 left!



John Deere Take-A-Long Backpack with Toy Tractor.  Backpack folds out into Play mat.



John Deere Monster Treads 8" Combine with Shake and Sounds Action;



John Deere 5 " Monster Treads, 3 piece Set! Includes Tractor, Gator and Loader.



John Deere 5" Monster Treads, 3 piece Set; Includes Tractor, Dump Truck and Wheel Loader Tractor. 



John Deere  3 Piece 8" Vehicle Value Set, from ERTL. Over $40 value (Please add $2.00 to shipping)



John Deere Deluxe 8" Vehicle Set for ages 3", from ERTL.  Over $45 value!  Please add $2.00 to shipping).



 John Deere Toybox Playmat, Stow & Go;  Approx. size 25.5" x 22", from ERTL. Includes 1/64 Scale John Deere Tractor & Wagon.



 John Deere Carry Case Holds 30 small vehicles. Also features an easy-to-use carry handle and locking front grille that junior will find easy to use. Please add an additional $2.00 for shipping on this item.



Corey Combine, a My First Collectible by Ertl. These cute die cast toys are perfect for a budding enthusiast of 3 years or older.



Allie Gator, a My First Collectible by Ertl. These cute die cast toys are perfect for a budding enthusiast of 3 years or older.



Barney Backhoe, a My First Collectible by Ertl. These cute die cast toys are perfect for a budding enthusiast of 3 years or older. 1 left!





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