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Garden Tractor Manuals & Decals
General Garden Tractor Data Books and Catalogs COST

Garden Tractors Volume I, 1920-1965 by Alan King.  The book is a compilation of old advertising materials from 75 manufacturers with over 155 different models; heavily illustrated; 48 pgs,  Reprint, color cover.  



Garden Tractors Volume II, 1919-1977 by Alan King;  This book is a compilation of old advertising from 65 companies and 115 tractors, with all new tractors not covered in volume I;  heavily illustrated with 48 pgs.  Reprint, color cover. $19.95

Vintage Garden Tractors, 2nd Edition by David Baas. Covers models from Acme to Yardman;  Indexed with photo, descriptions, models, serial numbers and build dates for many different models.  80 pgs. $24.95
Bolens-We have a few assorted Bolens Tractor Manuals left; Please inquire if interested.
Chief Garden
GT-CG Chief Garden Tractor & Implements; Parts & Instruction Book with Tools, 20 pgs.  $14.95
GT-CH   Choremaster One Wheel Garden Tractor (Lodge & Shipley) Operation & Maintenance Manual, 21 pgs; $14.95

Choremaster Restoration Decal;  4" x 4-1/2" $ 5.95

Choremaster Restoration Decal 2-3/4" x 3-1/4" $ 4.95

Coop Blackhawk Operator's Manual with Parts List, 16 pgs. $11.95
David Bradley

David Bradley Garden Tractor Operator's Manual and Parts List for Model 917.5751, 20 pages $14.95

David Bradley Super Power Garden Tractor Operator's Manual and Parts List for Model 917.57561, 20 pgs. $14.95

David Bradley Speed Changer and Reverse Attachment Operator's Manual with Parts List for Models 917.5751, 917.5752, 917.57560, 917.57561 and 917.57562, 16 pgs. $14.95

David Bradley Service for two wheel both regular and super power versions, Models 917.57560 and 917.57561, 20 pgs. $14.95

David Bradley Super 5.6 HP Garden Tractor Service for Model 917.575112 from 1957; 14 pgs. $11.95

David Bradley Tri-Trac Service for Model 917.59101; Heavily illustrated with step-by-step Overhaul.  Covers tractor, engine, magneto and carburetor, 68 pgs. $19.95

David Bradley, Red and White Vinyl Cut Oval Decal $ 6.95

David Bradley 9" Red and Gold, mylar decal $ 4.95

"Super Power" decals for Walk Behind (yellow), mylar decal $ 3.95

Tri-Trac Decals, yellow and black, mylar decal set $ 4.95

Earthmaster #201 Parts Catalog for Model "C" Tractor, 56 pages $19.95

"Earthmaster", white vinyl cut decals, set of 2, measures 17 1/2" long $28.95

Gibson Instructions & Parts List for  Models "A" & "D" Tractors $11.95
 Dec-GB   "Gibson" Restoration Decals, in Yellow, Black, Red, Vinyl cut; Set of 2 for each side of Fuel Tank $21.95
Gravely Tractor

Gravely Model L Instruction Book and Parts List for Tractor & attachments, 42 pgs. $16.95

Gravely Model L Service Info; Well illustrated 4 pgs, Card stock. $ 8.95
John Deere Lawn Tractors
GT-JD-OM108   John Deere Model 108 and 111 Lawn Tractor Operator's Manual.  Serial No. 190,.000-up;  44 pgs. #OM-M85067 $16.95
GT-JD-OM110   John Deere Model 110 and 112 Lawn & Garden Tractors Operator's Manual, 36 pgs. #OM-M42256 $16.95
There are many different decal sets available for Later Model John Deere Tractors, (Models 1010, 1020 hood only, 2010 gas or diesel, 2020 hood only, 2510 gas or diesel, 3010 gas or diesel, 3020 gas or diesel, 4000 gas or diesel, 4000 gas or diesel, 4010 gas or diesel, 4020 gas or diesel, 4320 diesel, 5010 gas or diesel).  All decal sets are vinyl cut and are available by special order.  Prices range from $39.95 to $45.95.  Please inquire for specific model.
Keck Gonnerman

Keck-Gonnerman Company, Cataloge No. 32, Manufacturers of Portable, Stationary and Traction Engines, boilers, Threshers, Bean & Pea Hullers, Corn Shellers, Pneumatic Straw Stackers, Saw Mills, Pumps, Coal Mining Machinery etc.   Established 1872, Incorporated 1901, 48th Year Catalog of products; 40 pgs. $ 19.95

Leader Tractor Owners Manual, 12 pages, plus fold out lube & maintenance chart. $ 8.95

Leader Tractor Model 47B Parts Catalog , 1948, 16 pages $11.95
Planet Jr

Planet Jr Assembly & Operating Directions for Model BP-1 with Tools Section, 12 pages $ 8.95

Planet Jr Motor Cultivator Type AT Assembly & operators manual with parts list, covers Toro Powered & Briggs & Stratton, 14 pages  $11.95
Page Garden Tractors

Page Garden Tractor Instruction Book and Repair Parts List for Models ZA-6FS and ZA-8FS; 1950, 8 pgs. $ 8.95
Shaw Du-All

Shaw Du-All Garden Tractor Model T-25, T-45 & Power Mowers Instructions on How to Operate and Care for; 30 pgs. $14.95
Sheppard Diesel

Sheppard Diesel Operating and maintenance Manual by RH Sheppard Co; Covers SD-2 and SD-3 Tractors, all models. 30 pgs. $14.95
DB-SD   Sheppard Diesel Data Book #1, by Alan King; Includes info on SD1, SD2, SD3 and SD4, Power Units and Implements from 1949-58; 24 pgs. $14.95
Silver King

Silver King Operator's manual and Parts List, from 1936, 44 pgs. $14.95

Silver King Service Manual covers all 4 cylinder models; 56 pgs.  Also includes Service Supplement for models up to 1942, 12 pgs. $16.95

Simplicity Model D, 4 speed Garden Tractor Owner's Manual and Parts List, 16 pgs. $11.95

Simplicity Models M (3 HP-4 speed) and Model L (2 HP- 4 speed) Owner's Manual and Parts List, 18 pgs.  

Simplicity Models W (Walking Tractor) Owner's Manual and Parts List, 12 pgs. $11.95

Springfield Tractor Owner's Manual for Operating and Parts List for Models 3001, 3002, 3003 both H and HR Models (with and without reversing).  12 pgs. $ 8.95
Universal Red-E Tractor

Universal Red-E Tractor Instruction Book and Parts List from 1938, 16 pgs.. $11.95
Other Farming-Related products
DeLaval Cream Separator

DeLavel Cream Separator Instruction Manual "The World's Standard Series", 20 pgs. $14.95
Ward Royal Blue Cream Separator

Ward Royal Blue Cream Separator Instruction Manual, 12 pgs. $ 8.95
Ottawa Log Saws

Instructions for How to Care and Operate Ottawa Log Saws, Engines and Buzz Saw Rigs;

 made in Ottawa KS; reprint,  32 pgs.

$ 16.95
Vaughn Drag Saws

Directions for Operating the Vaughn Drag Saw machines, with Parts List and Assembly info, made in Portland OR; 8 pgs. $ 8.95
Wade One Man Drag Saws

Wade Drag Saw Instruction Book and Repair Parts List for all Models; Effective Dec 31, 1941; 11 x 17 foldout $8.95
Vaughn Flex-Tred Tractor

Vaughn Flex Tred Tractor, Made in Portland, Oregon. Covers models W & WS, instruction manual and parts list, 14 pages  $11.95
Yard & Garden Tractor Service Manuals     

The following manuals are being discontinued and are currently on sale. 


I & T Service Manual for single cylinder models. More than 25 manufacturers and 550 models. Covers Allis-Chalmers, Ariens, Bolens, Case/Ingersoll, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Deutz-Allis, Engineering Prod. Co., Ford, Gilson, Gravley, Honda, International Harvester, Kubota, MTD, Murray, Power King, Simplicity, Snapper, Speedex, Western Auto, Wheel Horse, White, & Yard Man. 632 pages.  List $31.95 $30.95
YGT2-2 I & T Service Manual for Multi-Cylinder models. Covers 20 manufacturers with air cooled and liquid cooled engines, including Allis-Chalmers, Airens, Bolens, Case/Ingersoll, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Deutz-Allis, Engineering Prod. Co., Ford, Gilson, Gravley, International Harvester, Kubota, MTD, Murray, Simplicity, Snapper, Speedex, & Wheel Horse. 456 pages  List  $31.95 $30.95

I & T Service and Procedures for 1990 and later, single and multi-cylinder Model yard and garden tractors.  Coverage includes gas and diesel engine fundamentals, engine and transmission repair procedures.  Manufacturers covered: Ariens, Cub Cadet, Ford, Ingersoll, John Deere, Gravely Honda, MTD, Power King, Snapper, Toro Wheel Horse, and Yardman. Engines covered are:  Onan, Tecumseh, and Yanmar; 500 pgs. List $31.95 $30.95
Small Engine Repair Manuals
SES-17 Small Engine Air Cooled, Service Manual, Volume I; Covers virtually all 2 and 4 stroke models with less 15 cu (245C_ displacement, produced through 1989.  Manufacturers covered:  Acme, Advance Engine Products, Briggs & Stratton, Chrysler, :Clinton,  Cox, Continental, Craftsman, Deco-Grand, Homelite, Honda, Husqvarna, Jacobsen, Kawasaki, Kioritz-Echo, Kohler, Lauson, McCulloch, O & R, Olympyk, Onan, Power Bee, Power Products, Sachs, Sach-Dolmar, Shindawiwa, Solo, Stihl, Tecumseh, West Ben, Wisconsin, Wisconsin-Robin; 496 pgs. List $31.95 $27.95


SES-2 Small Engine, Air Cooled, Service Manual, Volume 2;  Covers models built from 1990-2000; up to date servicing information of L-head and ovverhead valve engines.  Includes some older models not covered in Volume I.  Covers more than 100 models, Manufacturers covered:  Acme, Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, Homelite, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, Lawn Boy, Shindaiwa, Stihl, Tanaka, Tecumseh, Toto, Wisconsin Robin, Yamaha; 328 pgs. List $31.95 $27.95


SDS-3 Small Diesel Engine Service Manual; More than 200 different models of small air and liquid cooled diesel engines with up to 160 cu displacement (2600CC).  Manufacturers covered include:  Continental, Duetz, Farymann, Isuzu, Kirolskar, Kubota, Lister-Petter, Lombardini, MWM, Mitsubishi, Onan, Perkins, Peugeot, Slanzi, Volkswagen, Westerbeke, Wisconsin, Yanmar.  288 pgs List $31.95 $27.95


Clymer Engine Repair Manuals

Briggs & Stratton L-Head Engine Repair Manual; Covers more than 55 models of Briggs & Stratton single cylinder, L-Head aluminum engines with 2 to 12.5 HP; 258 pgs. List $15.95 $15.95


H105 Tecumseh L-Head Engine Repair Manual; covers more than 50 Tecumseh ingle cylinder L-Head aluminum engines with 2.5-10 HP; 240 pgs. List $15.95 $15.95




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