Restoration Decals for IH Crawlers



IH Crawler Tractor Decal Sets  
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Single "International Harvester TracTracTor" Decal 3 1/2" x 10 1/2" , Mylar, Limited stock. $   4.95

Single "International Harvester TracTracTor" Decal 5" x 15 1/2"; Mylar, Limited stock-1 left! $   7.95

T-20 TracTracTor complete decal set!!   Vinyl Cut Decal Set Special order only $109.95
DS-IH-T35V No Photo Yet T-35 TracTracTor complete decal set!!   Vinyl Cut Decal Set, Special order only $109.95

T-40 & TD-40 TracTracTor complete decal set.  Vinyl Cut Decal Set;  Special order only. $119.95
DS-IH-T6   T-6 Gasoline Crawler $ 24.95
DS-IH-TD6 TD-6 Diesel Crawler $ 24.95
DS-IH-T9   T-9 Gasoline Crawler $ 24.95
DS-IH-TD9 TD-9 Diesel Crawler $ 24.95
DS-IH-TD14 TD-14 Diesel Crawler $ 24.95
DS-IH-TD18 TD-18 Diesel Crawler $ 24.95


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