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Operators Manuals

List Price

1002601 Scout 80 operators manual 1961-1964 Scout 80 4X2 & 4X4 Models Operator's Manual


1002890 Scout 800 operators manual 1965-1968 Scout 800 4X2 & 4X4 Models Operator's Manual


4-152-T International 4-152 engine manual

International 4-152 engine manual

Operators Manual and Sales Engineering Bulletin for International 4-152 Comanche Turbocharged Engine Used in Scout 800 Models, 2 Manual Set $14.95
1086591 Scout 800A operators manual 1969-70 Scout 800A Including 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086696 Scout 800B operators manual 1970-71 Scout 800B Including 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086708 1971 Scout II operators manual 1971 Scout II 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual


1086722 1972 Scout II operators manual 1972 Scout II 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086763 1973 Scout II operators manual 1973 Scout II 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086775 1974 Scout II operators manual 1974 Scout II 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086878 1975 Scout II operators manual 1975 Scout II 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1086933 1976 Scout II operators manual 1976 Scout II, Traveler & Terra Gas & Diesel, 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1087007 1977 Scout II, Traveler, Terra & SS II, Gas & Diesel, 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1087070 1978 Scout II operators manual 1978  Scout II, Traveler, Terra & SS II, Gas & Diesel, 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual


1087113 1979 Scout II operators manual 1979  Scout II, Traveler, Terra & SS II, Gas & Diesel, 4X2, 4X4 Operator's Manual $24.95
1087174 1980 Scout II operators manual 1980 Scout II, Traveler & Terra Gas & Diesel, 4X4, Operator's Manual NOS $24.95
AUSSD01 Nissan Diesel Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual for Scout II Models SD22 and SD33 Non Turbo Diesel, 46 pgs. $19.95

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Scout Service Manuals
CGES110-T International 1940C One Barrel Carburetor (1973-1980) Service Manual Used on 4-196 & 6-258 Engines, 32 pgs.  NOS List $16.95 SALE


CGES-150-T International Breaker Point Distributor (Prestolite IDN-4100 Series) Service Manual  1979-1984,  28 pgs.  NOS, List $16.95 SALE


CGES-160-S International 304, 304A, 345, 392 Model Engines Service Manual,  68 pgs.  (This manual is redundant if you purchase a complete service manual below. This is a good manual if you need an inexpensive manual that only pertains to the engine.), List $19.95 SALE


CTS-2302 Scout 80 service manual Scout 800 service manual 1961-1971 IH Scout Models 80, 800, 800A & 800B Service Manual, 984 pgs.  Covers 4 cylinder engines 152, 196, 6 Cylinder engines 232, and 258,and 8 cylinder Models 304A, 304, 345 and 392;  Note:  If you have a Scout with the V-266 Engine, please request the service supplement, CTS-2130H Engine Service,  It is not included in this manual, so please order separately.  List $74.95




CTS-2304 Scout II service manual 1971-1975 IH Scout II, Terra, Traveler and SSII Service Manual (Gas Engine); Covers 4 cylinder Engines 152, 196, 196E, 6 cylinder 232 and 258 and 8 cylinder 304A, 304, 345 and 392;  1344 pgs, Now has 17 color pages in Transmission Section!   List $99.95



CTS-2310 Scout II service manual 1976-1977 IH Scout Models Scout II, Terra, Traveler, & SS II Service Manual (Gas Engine); covers 4 cylinder 152, 196, 196E and 8 cylinder 304A, 304, 345 and 392 Engines 1208 pgs, List $96.95



CTS-2313 Scout II service manual 1978-1980 IH Scout Models Scout II, Terra, Traveler, & SS II Service Manual (Gas Engine); covers 4 cylinder Engine 196, and 8 cylinder 304A, 304, 345 and 392 Engines;  2 volumes, 1774 pgs.  Now has 38 color pages in Transmission Section!  List $114.95 SALE


CTS-2130H Engine Service Supplement for V-266, V-304, V-345, V-392, V-266E, V-340E, V-345E, V-392E V-8 Engines, 60 pgs, List $19.95 SALE


CTS-2441 Air Conditioning Service Supplement (for 1976-77 Scouts);  (Information not included in CTS-2310). 33 pgs List $16.95 SALE


CTS-2711 IN-633 (SD-33) Non-Turbo Diesel Engine Service 1976-1979 Scout Models. List $47.95 SALE


CTS-2790 633-T (SD-33Turbo) Diesel Engine Service 1979-1980 Scout models; List $42.95



CTS-2789 Transmission Group Service Manual for IH Model TC-146/Spicer 300 Transfer Case, 20 pages. List $14.95 SALE


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Parts Catalogs
MT-113 Scout 80 parts catalog, Scout 800 parts catalog IH Scout 80, 800 Parts Catalog, All Models 1961-1968, 380 pgs


Sale:  $39.95

MT-123 Scout 800A parts catalog, Scout 800B parts catalog IH Scout 800A & 800B Parts Catalog, All Models 1969-197, 348 pgs


Sale:  $37.95

MT-130 Scout II parts catalog IH Scout II Parts Catalog, All Models 1971-1980, 588 pgs


Sale: $54.95

MT-130Supp IN-633 Nissan Diesel Engine Parts Catalog for Scout II (SD-33 Non-Turbo). Contains Nissan part numbers cross-referenced with IH Part numbers!  72 pgs $21.95

SALE $19.95

PSD3T-28009 Nissan Diesel Engine Parts Catalog for Scout II (SD-33T, Turbo) More Nissan part numbers to help you find that elusive part!  136 pgs $27.95

SALE $25.95

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Sales Brochures
CR-392-N2 1963 Scout 80 sales brochure 1963 IH Scout Sales Brochure. From pickup to roadster, to delivery to work truck. Reproduction, 16 pgs. $26.95
AD-4622-P 1964 Scout 80 sales brochure 1964 Champagne Series IH Scout Color Sales Brochure describing the new, custom trim interior packages and metallic paints that became available that year. Reproduction, 4 pgs. $ 9.95
AD-4824-S 1967 Scout 800 sales brochure 1967 IH Scout 800 Sport-top, Color Sales Brochure. Reproduction, 4 pgs. $ 9.95
AD-4721-T2 1967 IH Scout 800 Sales Brochure, full color photos of sportop hardtop, sportop convertible, traveltop, cab top, and roadster. Reproduction, 16 pgs $26.95


1969 IH pickup sales brochure

1969 IH Light Duty Truck All-Wheel Drive Color Brochure. For 1100D, 1200D, and 1300D Pickups and Travelalls, with the Scout 800A thrown in for good measure. From Pickup to Wagon to "Actionmobile" this brochure is selling some hard working vehicles. Reproduction, 8 pgs. $13.95
AD-40116-A1 1971 IH pickup and Scout sales brochure 1971 International Truck & Scout Recreation Brochure. Profiles the recreational options and performance across the International truck line, Reproduction, 12 pgs. $19.95
AD-40431-D 1976 Scout II sales brochure 1976 International Scout Traveler Sales Brochure. Highlights standard comfort and versatility to match family needs as well as available interior and exterior trim packages. Reproduction, 8 pgs. $13.95
AD-40587 1977 Scout II sales brochure 1977 IH Scout II Sales Brochure. Reproduction, 8 pgs. $13.95
AD-40588F1 1978 Scout II sales brochure 1978 International Scout Terra Sales Brochure. Reproduction, 8 pgs. $13.95
A-111 1980 Scout II sales brochure 1980 IH Scout II, Midas Color Sales Brochure. Reproduction, 4 pgs. $ 9.95

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Line Setting Tickets                                                                                                                                    List Price

Line Setting Tickets or Build Sheets are available for almost all trucks built between 1960 and 1984, with limited availability for trucks built between 1950 and 1960. Please supply model, year and VIN for each ticket when ordering.

If you are trying to locate your VIN, for a Scout 80 or 800, the Capacity of ID plate is located on the left side  of the cowl, just ahead of the dashboard.  For the Scout II, it plate was located on the driver's side door pillar.  The VIN was also stamped on the left hand frame side rail, at the front of the chassis. 

Please provide year (if known), model and VIN number (the best place to get the number is off the frame near the steering gear).  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks. Shipping within US is $2.00 for first class mail, to Canada is $3.00.

Books-History and Repair
#747510 The International Scout Encyclopedia, The Authoritative Guide to IH's Legendary 4 x 4's by Jim Allen & John Glancy. This is the only Scout book you'll ever need. Veteran journalist and four-wheel drive historian Jim Allen and recognized collector and Scout expert John Glancy built the most in-depth book about Scout trucks on the market. The book includes details about all your favorite Scout models from the very first to the last one to leave the factory and some the public never saw. With never-before-seen images and new details about the Scout that will surprise even the most dedicated enthusiast, the Scout Encyclopedia is a must-have for any fan of vintage four-wheel drive rigs or International Harvester. Large Hardbound book, 384 pgs,  List $75.00 SALE $54.95
#348604 International Harvester Trucks, The Complete History by Patrick Foster.  This book tells the story of the light, medium and heavy duty trucks, vans and Scouts built by IH during its 100 plus year history.  Staring with the early Auto Buggy built in 1907 to the big trucks built in 2015 it includes hundreds of archival photos in both color and black and white.  Hardcover, 208 pgs, List $45.00 $40.95

International Truck 1907-2007 Fred Crismon

International Trucks 1907-2007, 100th Anniversary Edition, By Frederick Crismon.  The latest version the book knows as "the Bible" of International Trucks.  Updated to 2007, now 732 pages with color photos.  List $60.00 $49.95

Four Wheeler Chassis & Suspension Handbook; From the Editor of 4-wheeler magazine. A compilation of articles from the magazine with project profiles of the most popular off-road trucks & performance reviews of available lift kits, after market additions and brake conversions.  Soft cover, 160 pgs, List $21.95 $19.95

4-Wheelers Bible-Jim Allen.  This book provides a thorough, insightful look at the vehicles, accessories, tricks, and techniques you'll need to get you there and back safely. Numerous photos, illustrations, and sidebars show you what works, how it works, what to do, and what to avoid. At the back of the book is a glossary that defines the lingo of four-wheeling and a list of suppliers who can help you build any rig you can imagine. List $29.95 $27.95

1/25 Scale 1979 Scout Terra in Tahitan Red Metallic, from First Gear! Still a few left! $49.95

1/25 Scale 1979 Scout Terra "Dealer" pickup with "Binder Books" name on side, from First Gear!  Limited Edition-Very few of these were made! $49.95

IN Stock ! 1/25 Scale 1979 Scout Terra in Red and Tan,  from First Gear! $49.95

IN Stock ! 1/25 Scale 1979 Scout Traveler in Red and Tan,  from First Gear! $49.95

1/64 Scale International Scout II Toy, from ERTL, limited quantities $5.95
Pins Cost

 IH Rallye Scout Hat Pin $3.95

 IH Rowdy Scout Hat Pin $3.95

 IH Scout II Hat Pin $3.95

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